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2016 China CIO Forum successfully held at SIRM

Jun 06, 2016

On the afternoon of May 29, 2016, The Fourth China CIO Forum was held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of information building at Renmin University of China. It was sponsored by the School of Information Resource Management, the iSchool at RUC, and the CIO Research Center at RUC. The forum attracted entrepreneurs and CIOs of Ping An Company, Tong Cheng, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, Yenova Decoration, e·Hualu, SINOSTEEL, China National Coal Group Corp, the Capital Aerospace Machinery Company, SINOMACH, NOVARTIS, Jiudaotech, Kingdee, Zhengyimobile. Professor Bin Zhang, Dean of SIRM and Director of CIO Research Center at RUC, Associate Professor Li Niu, Assistant Dean of SIRM, and Xiaoping Mo, Vice Director of CIO Research Center attended the forum. Other attendants include researchers of CIO Center, managers of invited enterprises, and faculty members and students of RUC. This forum is themed with “The Layout of Platform Economics”. During the four and a half hours’ forum, the attendants discussed the Internet age economy and shared economy.

The forum was chaired by Professor Bin Zhang. First, Zhuan Wang, the co-founder of Tongcheng presented a lecture entitled "Tongcheng's practice of the law of three and the second place meaning nothing". He illustrated the concept of the Law of Three and the reason why being in the second place brings nothing. Using his own experience of starting a business and the practice of Tongcheng, he demonstrated the development of Tongcheng as a successful platform for EB.

Next, the lecture named “From IT to DT: an outlook of Group IT in the Era of Particle” was given by Mr. Guoqiang Rong, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of the office of Chief Information Officer as well as Vice Chairman of the Board of Ping An Insurance Company Of China. In his presentation, he got across to us the notion as well as his idea of Particle Age, and also showed us how business group can achieve new development in the background of mobile Internet.

The second phase of the forum was hosted by Tao Bian, the Vice President of New Times Securities. First, Dr. Wanyun Lei, CIO of China National Pharmaceutical Group, delivered his lecture named "Establishing Cloud Platforms, Exploiting the Internent and Builing a Smart Eco-Chain of Pharmacy". Dr. Lei pointed out the effects on IT that the "Internet Plus" has. He presented his outlook of the business of smart pharmaceutical ecological industry and introduced to us the operating situation of the company's cloud platform.


Next, Heshan Hong, CIO of Yenova Decoration, introduced the development of the decoration business and gave his personal idea of being a CIO of a private enterprise.

Following Mr. Hong's presentation, Mr. Guoli Zhang, VP, Technical Director of Beijing e·hualu Information Technology as well as President of Academia Sinica, gave his lecture entitled "the Big Data Economy on the Platform of Smart City". He pointed out the flaws of the current development of Smart City and suggested that Smart City should experience the transformation from Informatization to Intelligentization, and that we should promote Big Data Economy on the platform of the Smart City.

At last, Liang Zhao, Assistant President of Kindee Software Limited, presented his lecture concerning the enterprise risk management in the background of platform economy and suggested the idea of "Full Upgrade and Innovation-motivated Growth", about which he had a detailed discussion combining theories and practices.


At the same time, the forum held the 2016 Appointment Ceremony of Researcher in CIO Research Center. CIO researchers of Renmin University of China are hailed as top members of Chinese CIO pyramid. They are leaders in professionals, academics and advances research in the field of national science and technology. Appointment of CIO researchers adopts experts-recommending-system, employing the most influential CIOs in the industry, who participate in research projects of science and technology and offer students with practical guidance. In the past four years, the center officially has employed 29 researchers, who undertake the relevant research, talent cultivation and promotion of CIO professional system. They are models who promote China's informatization management level. Here are hired researchers in 2016: GuoQiang Rong, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Chief Information Officer Office of Ping An Group, Deputy Chairman of Ping An Science and Technology; Guoping Zhang, CIO of China National Coal Group Corp; Chenjie Hu, CIO of Digital China; Shanhe Hong, CIO of Yenova; Pengfei Ding, deputy general manager of the Capital Aerospace Machinery company; Jie Xu, SINOMACH chief engineer;  Guoli Zhang, Senior Vice President of E·hualu. Professor Bin Zhang, Dean of the School of Information Resource Management, Director of CIO Research Center at Renmin University of China, and Xiaoping Mo, Vice Director of CIO Research Center at RUC presented certificates to new appointed researchers.


Finally, the forum stepped into the peak conversation with the greatest theoretical sparks. The conversation was hosted by researcher Hong Li from Sinosteel. Guoping Zhang, CIO of China National Coal Group Corp, Jie Xu, chief engineer of SINOMACH, Jianxiong Gao, CIO of Novartis China, Lili Zhang, Vice-President of Jiudaotech, Guochun Wang,  CEO of Zhengyi Mobile attended the conversation.

Guests talk about platform economic layout and development according to their own rich experiences and knowledg, through which we recognize platform economy, as a new economic phenomenon, is the new business model for business. New demands and new challenges are proposed to the CIOs of enterprises. With the economic development of the platform economy, CIOs will be more and more important. CIO will become the backbone for platform economic development. 


2016 Chinese CIO forum gathered elites in all walks of life in china, and contributed professional discussion and research on the current popular economic phenomenon. It is proved that the SIRM is leading and socially recognized in the field of CIO's. iSchool at RUC  will continue to educate a number of excellent
talents in information resource management to the society.