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Seminar on “International standards for ERM and their applications” was held in SIRM

Oct. 30, 2006

On the morning of Oct. 29th, seminar on “International standards for electronic records, archives and information management and their applications” was held in SIRM.

Professor An Xiaomi, from SIRM, chaired the seminar. Including experts and scholars from the National Library, Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of China and Zhengzhou University, as well as the teachers and students from SIRM, totally up to 39 people attended the seminar. International famous expert Hans Hofman gave a keynote presentation on “International Standards for Long Term Preservation of Records and Information”. Issues involved in designs, studies and applications of standards for managing electronic and digital records, archives and information were discussed by the participants and presenter.

Hans Hofman is co-director of ERPANET and senior advisor at the Nationaal Archief (National Archives) of the Netherlands , In his position at the Nationaal Archief he is involved in e-government projects and initiatives throughout Dutch government with respect to access and management of digital records and information in general, and responsible for the construction of digital archival repository. On the international scene he is co-investigator and representative of the Nationaal Archief in the Inter Pares 2 research project, and representative of the Netherlands in the ISO TC46/SC11 on Records Management. Within this committee he is chair of the Working Group on Records Management metadata. He is researcher in the Delos 2 project on Digital libraries with respect to digital preservation and key member of PLANET Project (Preservation and Long-term access through Networked Services),. He has given numerous presentations and written many articles on topics like digital preservation, recordkeeping metadata and electronic records management.
His presentation covers the following topics:

*changing business environment and its implications
*role and purpose of standards and their interrelationships
*latest development of standards for electronic and digital records (ISO, OAIS, interPARES, Clever metadata project)
*new projects and integrated approaches for digital preservation (PLANETS, DELOS , etc.)
*the cycle from planning to audit and certification.

The presentation introduced and reviewed the international advanced and representative standards, research projects and new approaches of electronic records, archives and information management, from a perspective of long-term preservation, which are valuable references to China for the construction and implementation of the standards systems in the digital information management and long-term preservation.