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Since 2009, the SIRM has won more than 40 scientific research projects from funds such as the National Natural Science Fund of China (NSFC), the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC), the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the Beijing Social Sciences Fund. Among them, “Research on the Information Resource Industry Development Policy and the Management in China” led by Professor Huiling Feng was awarded the NSFC key project, “Research on the Optimized Development of Public Policy System for Exploitation of Information Resources in China” led by Professor Guojun Zhao was awarded the NSSFC major project, and “Research on Information Resource Integration and Service in Cloud Computing Environment” led by Professor Xiaobin Lu (and Professor Xiaoyong Du) was awarded the NSSFC major project. Professor Xiaomi An’s “Research in and about Integration and Service Mechanisms of National Digital Archival Resources” and Professor Xueheng Zhou’s “History of Chinese Archives Enterprise” were awarded as the NSSFC’s major projects.

The school has obtained over 100 scientific research projects funded by party and government departments such as the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee, the National Archives Administration of China, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Three Gorges Group, the State Grid, China Telecom, the China National Chemical Corporation, Shenhua Group, the Directorate of Public Service Administration of Macao SAR, the Archives Education Steering Committee (SAE) of the International Council on Archives (ICA), enterprises and institutions and international organizations such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Telecommunication Standardization Sector of International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T).

In 2008, “Report on Strengthening the Scientific Management of Electronic Records in China” summarized the research findings of the project “Research on Improving Electronic Records Management Mechanism” which is funded by the China Association for Science and Technology and chaired by Professor Huiling Feng. “Recommendations for Archives Work in Earthquake Relief and Disaster Relief” written by the faculty members and students of the School of Information Resource Management led by Professor Huiling Feng, was given instruction by Jiabao Wen, leading to important national actions. In 2010, a social science research report was submitted to the National Social Science Planning Office by the National Social Science Founds major project team chaired by Professor Guojun Zhao, “Recommendations for Enhancing Strategic Management of National Information Resources”, was given instructions by the national leaders immediately and was highly valued by the leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, which promotes the formation of important strategic plans. Under the leadership of Professor Xiaobin Lu, the research team of the school and the China General Chamber of Commerce issued “Development Report on After-Sales Service of Chinese Enterprises” in 2011 and 2013, which was specially reported by CCTV and had a huge social impact.

From 2016 to 2018, the number of scientific research projects of the SIRM and the funding are increasing, among which projects from national funding bodies and other sources are both increased, particular projects from society and organizations are increased greatly in numbers. In 2018, the total number of authorized scientific research projects of the SIRM was 27 with a total funding amount of 7.62 million yuan. Among them, projects from national funding cover national, provincial and municipal key scientific research projects, including one sub-project of the key R & D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, three projects of NSFC, ten projects of NSSFC, and one humanities and social sciences research project supported by the Ministry of Education .

Since 2017, the discipline has obtained 18 projects from national funding bodies, including five projects of NSSFC, two national Key R & D projects, two humanities and social sciences projects supported by the Ministry of Education, three joint projects of NSFC, four projects of Beijing Social Science Fund, and two research projects of Beijing Education Commission. The SIRM has won seven awards for scientific research achievements at or above the provincial level.