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Dean's Welcome

The School of Information Resource Management (SIRM) at Renmin University of China is a leading institution of higher education in the field of information management in China, composed of educators and students who are committed to the teaching, research and social practice in this field. As an information resource management discipline with domestic leading power and continuously growing global reputation, the school has cultivated thousands of scholars, public leaders and practitioners in archives, libraries, information and knowledge management, information system, digital humanities and other information fields.

The SIRM holds the educational belief of “Benefiting from both humanities and social science and natural science; Developing ways of thinking to be intellectuals; Enhancing code of ethics and professional development; Pursuing pragmatism and innovation”. The SIRM is taking endless efforts with scientific attitudes and innovation spirits to make full use of our university multidisciplinary interactive platforms to keep its top national leading role in archival studies, information analytics and digital memory studies. It is actively developing relevant disciplines and constantly improving the teaching and research level of digital humanities, data science, library and information science (LIS), and information resource management (IRM). It is expected to make greater contributions to the development of Renmin University into one of the world’s leading universities specializing in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Exploring the school, you will find it an ideal community for students to learn, to think, to collaborate, and to practice. Benefiting from its location in Beijing, the capital city of China, SIRM can provide students with diverse prolific professional resources and opportunities. Our faculty members graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad, and one third of them serve as committee members in iSchools and the International Archives Council, and experts in the three international organizations for standardization, ISO, IEC and ITU. Additionally, SIRM has built dozens of internship bases with outstanding archives, libraries, information consulting companies, and big data enterprises to enable students to gain practical experience and internship opportunities. Therefore, the academic and practical support makes SIRM an excellent platform for comprehensive development of faculty members, students and other stakeholders.

Since the founding year of 1952, SIRM offers diverse programs for future information professionals, including bachelor programs in archival studies (AS), IRM and government information management, master programs in LIS, information science (IS), AS, IRM, information analytics (IA), digital humanities, and Ph.D. programs in AS, LIS, IRM, and IA. In October 2017, SIRM earned the national first-class discipline fund from “Double-First Class” initiative. In 2020, the bachelor program of archival studies has just been funded by the national first-class undergraduate program announced by the Ministry of Education.

SIRM is the iCaucus member of the iSchools and the first-class member of the International Information Resource Management Association (IRMA) in China. SIRM serves as the UNESCO World Memory Project academic center, the C-class member of the International Archives Council (ICA), the Education Steering Committee (ICA/SAE), and cooperate with partners in several ICA entrusted global archival education cooperation programs. Some faculty members have also actively been participating in the development of international standards related to electronic records management, smart city, information management and many other international cooperation projects with significant influences, such as InterPARES. Besides, various forms of cooperation and exchanges with worldwide-renowned universities and research institutions have also established our international vision and prestige. In addition, SIRM will host the annual iConference 2021, welcome scholars from every corner of the world to join us and promote the iField together.

I look forward to your visit to and support for SIRM at Renmin University of China.

Yuenan LIU
Dean of the School of Information Resource Management at Renmin University of China