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Professor Bin Zhang receives key funding from NSSFC

Mar. 12, 2018

     In November, National Social Science Fund of China announced its funding plan for key research proposals in 2017. Professor Bin Zhang, the Dean of School of Information Resource Management in Renmin University of China, proposed the research plan on archiving and management of government information resources in the context of big data and received the research fund from NSSFC.

    On the morning of January 20, 2018, the key research program led by professor Bin Zhang was launched at iSchool at Renmin University. The seminar invited Mr. Changzhu Huang from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor. Huiling Feng from the iSchool at Renmin University of China, Mr. Hua Fu, the Deputy Director of the Central Archives and State Archives Administration, deputy director of the Archives Bureau of Economic and Technological Archives, Mr. Yanbin Wang, director of the Department of Science and Technology Archives for Economic and Technological Archives of the State Archives Administration, and Professor Xiaomi An, from the iSchool of Renmin University of China. They serves as the evaluating experts for the research plan.

    Professor Zhang Bin, the chief expert of the research program, introduced the research background and the significance, research design, research plan, the expected results, research team and research budget. The first sub-task will be mainly about realistic challenges and theoretical reshaping of governmental information resource archiving and management in big data environment, which is led by Professor Yuenan Liu, iSchool at Renmin University. The second sub-task is about archiving modes and strategies of governmental information resources in big data environment, which will be in the charge of Lihua Huang, director of Technology Department of State Archives Administration. The third sub-task focuses on archiving government long-term preservation strategy in big data environment. Mr. Chenhui Hao, the research Archivist from China Archives Association will be responsible for it. The fourth sub-task four centers on big data archiving government information sharing and utilization, of which Professor Xizhou Wang from School of Public Administration in Xiangtan University will be in charge. The fifth sub-task will be about policy support for archiving and managing government information resources under big data environment, which is the concern of Professor Linxing Zhou from School of Humanities in Nanchang University.

    After listening to the research plan, the experts delivered their own opinions and suggestions on the program. They all agreed that this program is a significant issue that involves the national development strategy, and leading and forward-looking for the government's information resource governance. Their research design and team structure are affirmed. At the same time, the panelists also put forward constructive suggestions from the core theoretical system, research focuses, research methods, research innovation and research results, and hope that the members of the team will conduct the program with a sense of mission.
    Finally, Professor Zhang Bin expresses his sincere thanks for the valuable opinions and suggestions proposed by the expert group and their strong support for the research. He said the research team will conscientiously digest and absorb the precious opinions and suggestions put forward by the experts and further think in depth and carry out the research work in strict accordance with the requirements of the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office and the relevant regulations of the university so as to complete the research task as scheduled.
    According to the top 100 China’s universities in humanities and social sciences published on February in 2018, Renmin University ranks No.1 in the list for its competence in the traditional humanities and social sciences. Fudan University, Wuhan University, Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Peking University rank from No. 2 to No. 6. The ranking is based on the quality and quantity of research funding from NSSFC and Ministry of Education received by the universities.
    More details at: http://www.sohu.com/a/221340931_273375