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The Summary of iConference 2021

Apr. 12, 2021

iConference 2021 was held virtually from March 17 to March 31, 2021, being hosted by the School of Information Resource Management at Renmin University of China. A large number of events were held focusing on the key issues faced by the information community, which are summarized into the theme of the conference, Diversity, Divergence, and Dialogue. The registration number of this conference reaches 520, the third-largest in the history of this conference series. During the conference, all conference materials were accessed for nearly 4,000 times by all registrants. Researchers around the world joined the conversations that will inform the future of our community.

Among these events, four keynotes were presented by researchers from different countries, focusing on topics of data infrastructure for digital humanities, online learning, data feminism, and curatorial practice. Moreover, a large number of workshops were organized around key topics and research fronts in our field, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the information needs of the marginal population.

Our school has a strong presence in this conference. There are 22 papers and posters being accepted by the conference that involve faculty members and students from our school. Among these, the paper “Creating Farmer Worker Records for Facilitating the Provision of Government Services: A Case from Sichuan Province, China” (written by Dr. Linqing Ma) is a finalist of the Best Short Paper Award, and the Chinese-language paper, “大数据治理规则构成要素框架构想” (written by Jie Huang and Dr. Xiaomi An) received the Best Chinese Paper Award. Dr. Hui Yan also attended various Deans meetings during the conference on behalf of our school.

Title Type of Work Authors
(225) Societal Information Cultures: Insights from the COVID-19 Pandemic Full Research Papers Oliver, Gillian; Jeurgens, Charles; Lian, Zhiying; Haraldsdottir, Ragna Kemp; Foscarini, Fiorella; Wang, Ning
(258) Understanding the Narrative Functions of Visualization in Digital Humanities Publications: A Case Study of the Journal of Cultural Analytics Short Research Papers Ma, Rongqian; Li, Kai; He, Daqing
(331) An Author Interest Discovery Model armed with Authorship Credit Allocation Scheme Short Research Papers Xu, Shuo; Li, Ling; Hao, Liyuan; An, Xin; Yang, Guancan
(468) Semantics expression of Peking Opera Painted Faces based on color metrics Short Research Papers Yang, Guancan; Gao, Shuang; Feng, Zeyu; Wang, Lingling; Xu, Yidan
(315) Creating Farmer Worker Records for Facilitating the Provision of Government Services: A Case from Sichuan Province, China Short Research Papers Ma, Linqing; Han, Ruohua
(564) Understanding the big data in emergency management: agenda for future research Workshops Ren, Ming
(590)国外档案学学科建设与发展领域分析及启示 ——基于对55所院校的调查 Chinese Papers Wang, Ning; Li, Mengqiu
(513) A components framework conception for big data governance rules Chinese Papers Jie, Huang
(556) The current situation, problems and Countermeasures of Digital Humanities Education in China from the perspective of students Chinese Papers He, Siyuan; Zhang, Chenwen; Ga, Lasen; Pei, Junliang
(507) 认知视角下知识创造的知识元融合研究 Chinese Papers 戎, 军涛
(612) Digital Transformation of Teaching Mode in Archival Education: Findings from surveys of online courses development in Chinese universities during the COVID-19 pandemic Archival Education WANG, Jian; AN, Xinyu; WANG, Yongjie
(188) Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Promoting Archival Academic Research Results by Wechat Official Accounts in the Era of Digital Transformation Archival Education Huang, Xiaoyu; Guan, Qingying; Jin, Wenjun
(498) A Research on Information Divide under New Technology — a New Type of Information Poor Poster Han, Leiqian;
Yan, Hui
(627) Legal Analysis of the Right to Be Forgotten and Its Applicable Influence from the Perspective of Archival Science Poster LONG, Jiaqing;
XU, Yongjun
(633) “Internet plus” Archive Management in China: Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures Poster CHEN, YI;
(641) A Comparative Research On The Practice Of “Integrating Archives Into Classroom” between China And America Poster LIU, KE
(646) How Bibliographic Features Contribute to Scientific Topic Prediction Poster Huo, Chaoguang;
Liu, Xiaozhong;
Ma, Shutian
(705) A study on the influencing factors of college students’ willingness to use mobile reading software based on UTAUT2 Model Student Symposium Xiao, JiWen
(666) Data utilization of health QR code empowering the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in China Student Symposium Deng, Jiaxin;
Zhang, Chaoxi