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Updates from Day Two of iConference 2021

Mar. 19, 2021

The following works involving faculty members and students from our school were presented on the second day of iConference 2021.

The paper entitled “Research on the construction of trusted data supporting framework,” co-authored by Jiaming Feng and Dr. Xiaomi An, was presented today. This paper constructs a framework to support data trust, so that data can be more effectively used in the broader societies.

The paper “基于知识网络强弱关系变迁测度新兴主题的不确定性分析,” co-authored by Dr. Guancan Yang, was also presented in the same session. This paper introduces a new approach to measuring the uncertainties connected to emerging technologies. This method was evaluated in the research field of stem cell studies.

Five posters from our school were accepted by the conference. All these posters are available on the Presentation Library panel of the online conference system. These posters are:

“Research on Information Divide under New Technology—a New Type of Information Poor” co-authored by Leiqian Han and Dr. Hui Yan.

“Legal Analysis of the Right to Be Forgotten and Its Applicable Influence from the Perspective of Archival Science” co-authored by Jiaqing Long and Dr. Yongjun Xu.

“How Bibliographic Features Contribute to Scientific Topic Prediction” co-authored by Dr. Chaoguang Huo.

“A Comparative Research on the Practice of ‘Integrating Archives Into Classroom’ between China and America” co-authored by Ke Liu.

“’Internet plus’ Archive Management in China: Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures” collaborated by Yi Chen and Jing Yao.