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Industrial mentors appointed by iSchool at RUC

Jan. 03, 2020

The School of Information Resources Management, the iSchool at Renmin University of China held the industrial mentor appointment ceremony on Dec. 25, 2019. Professor Zheng Shuiquan, the Vice Chairman of the University Council, Head Professor Feng Huiling and ProfessorZhang Bin, the Dean of iSchool attended the ceremony. A batch of industrial tutors presented their first lectures for the school.

In order to expand the second classroom of internship practice, promote the establishment of a comprehensive education system for students, and meet the needs of curriculum innovation, the School of Information Resource Management of Renmin University of China has initiated the implementation of a practical mentor system in order to hire well-known industry professionals with practical knowledge and experience. They will be invited to participate in the relevant aspects of talent training, share knowledge and wisdom, strengthen situational knowledge, and promote the innovative development of teaching and research.

Professor Zhang Bin, the Dean of the School of Information Resource Management, announced the list of the first batch of industrial mentors: Mr. Cheng Congwu, founder of Gaode Map; Mr. Liu De, co-founder and senior vice president of Xiaomi; Ms. Du Lan, Senior Vice President of HKUST Xunfei; Mr. Li Zongling, Okai Aviation Corporation; Mr. He Li, Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Interface News; Mr Qin Yufeng, President of East Ejiao; Mr. Guo Qing, Vice President of Meituan; Ms. Guo Meiling, vice chairman of Meinian Health; Ms. Zhang Yan, producer, reporter from the Financial Channel of CCTV; Mr. Liang Weidong, chairman of Liaoning Peacock Watch Industry; and Mr. Yan Gang, vice president of Zhejiang Dahua Co., Ltd.

Professor Feng Huiling and Professor Lu Xiaobin issued letters of appointment for the first batch of practical mentors or their representatives.