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The experts seminar on honorary research minor degree of digital humanities was successfully held by SIRM

Nov. 09, 2019

In the afternoon of November 6, 2019, SIRM organized a meeting on the establishment of the honorary research minor degree on digital humanities (hereinafter referred to as “honorary degree”). Long yonghong (director of the Academic Affairs Department Renmin), Zhang bin ( dean of SIRMSIRM Renmin), and Liu yuenan (deputy dean of SIRM Renmin) attended the meeting. Niu li (deputy dean of SIRM) chaired the meeting.

Experts attending the meeting include: Xu Yongming (professor, school of humanities, Zhejiang University), Lu Xueming (deputy secretary and deputy dean, professor, School of History, RUC), Cheng Xin (deputy director of the RUC Library), Cai Wen (professor, School of Journalism, RUC), Chen Weiwen (associate professor, RUC).

First of all, Feng Huiling, the first-grade professor of SIRMSIRM at RUC and the chief expert of the honorary degree on digital humanities, reported on the project. Feng Huiling reported on the establishment of honorary degree from four aspects, including “reasons for application”, “basis for project implementation”, “teaching implementation plan” and “condition guarantee”. According to professor Feng, digital humanities is the integration of research, project and education as an entire whole, which has grown rapidly in global scale in recent years. Universities in China and abroad have implemented the construction of digital humanistic education system, among which RRUC should have a place. The degree is designed to explore the mode of integration of disciplines, following the international academic frontier, build the new liberal arts brand of RUC, and stimulate students’ awareness and ability of cross-disciplinary r learning and innovation.


Secondly, the experts group further carried out inquiries on the curriculum setting, faculty arrangement, student training and other issues concerning the establishment of honorary degrees, and reviewed the application materials, and then gave the following evaluation opinions. The evaluation experts affirmed the measures taken by SIRM for the establishment of the “digital humanities” honorary research minor degree, and recognized the preparatory work of SIRM, confirmed that it is in line with the basic policy of the Ministry of Education to build a new liberal arts, in line with the strategic needs of the country and society, and is beneficial to improve the voice of China in the field of digital humanities. The experts group agreed to recommend RUC establishing the honorary degree on digital humanities. They also made useful suggestions for the future development of honorary degrees.


At the end of the meeting, Long Yonghong (director of the academic affairs department Renmin) actively promotes the establishment of the honorary research minor degree program and hopes to integrate the scientific research platform and teaching platform of each school. Meanwhile, it also indicates that liberal arts education and research need to be transformed, humanities need to be integrated, and the construction of new liberal arts needs to be accelerated. At this point, the experts discussion is successfully concluded.

Background: in order to promote the construction of ” the world-class universities and first-class discipline”, based on the layout of the disciplinary forefront of the discipline reform, SIRM explores the construction of the integrating disciplines model, highlights the professional characteristics,innovative talent training, in order to improve the humanistic quality and information resource management ability of our excellent students, to cultivate a batch of solid discipline foundation, outstanding comprehensive quality, excellent practical ability, strong public service, to meet the needs of the development of modern information society high-speed digital cultural talents. SIRM offers the honorary research minor degree, based on the Research Center for Humanistic Beijing and digital humanities technology laboratory. For information about the honorary degree, please call Ms. Xiong (information building 0211) : 010-62511461.