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Junzhi Jia

  • Position: Professor in School of Information Resources Management in RUC
  • Office: Room 311 @ Infomration Building
  • Tel:
  • E-mail: junzhij@ruc.edu.cn


Ph.D. 2004. School of Information Management,Wuhan University.
M.A. 2001, School of Information Management,Wuhan University.

B.A. 1994 Shanxi University.

Main research directions

information organization, knowledge organization



Jia Junzhi, Tai Yangfang, Liu Yanling and Guo Dandan. 2012. Chinese FrameNet Ontoloy. ISBN 978-7-03-034004-7; Beijing: Science Publishing.

Jia Junzhi. 2007. Theory and Practice of Information Resource Strategy Management. ISBN 978-7-03-0183514-7; Beijing: Science Publishing.

Jia Junzhi, Zhao Jie. Mapping Anlysis of Pre-coordinated  Classes in DDC and CLC. Knowledge  Organization, 2015(6).

Shi Yanqing, Jia Junzhi.Use and Presentation of Personal Name Components in Chinese Authority Files. Journal of  Academic Librarianship,2018(44).


Main Research Projects