Archives Science Bulletin

Archives Science Bulletin is a national-level professional periodical on archival science study and archival education, which is in the charge of Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China and sponsored by Renmin University of China. The bulletin publishes in interior of country and abroad, lists in the International Standard Serial Number, and supported by writer and reader for more than 20 years . Archives Bulletin is the top one among the core archival science and Archival Enterprise periodicals in the Chinese Society Science Catalog Index [CSSCI] and Chinese Core Items(2000 edition).

Archival Focus

It is an internal consulting publication, which orientates the content as policy consultation, system analysis, countermeasure and suggestion, case study, and theory innovation. The publication emphasizes that on the way of open study, focusing on the connection point of theory study and practice, the interaction area of archives and society.

Viewpoints on Electronic government

It is an internal consulting publication.