SIRM has paid great attention to the development of academic research, to social demands of different times, to international research and development at forefront of the relevant fields and timely absorb the latest international academic research achievements. Abundant accomplishments have be achieved in basic theory of archival science, theoretical development of archival science, exploration and use of archival information resource, theory and technology of archives preservation, electronic records management, national strategy for information resources management, theory and methodology of information resources exploration and use, development of information resources industry, electronic government and government information resource management, information analysis, information consulting and service, information organization and architecture, business and government knowledge management, etc. Works and teaching manuals have been published in all the disciplines of archival studies, library studies and information studies in the information resource management field.

In recent years, SIRM has held several national and international academic conferences which have great impacts, the school has undertaken more than 100 scientific research projects at National level, Provincial level and International level.

Up to 2008, the scientific research achievements of SIRM are added up to several thousands. Among them there are nearly 500 kinds of publications covering teaching manuals, monographs, translations and reference books; there are also several thousands academic papers and versions. Most of these achievements are at higher academic level. More than 100 items of these publications have received awards above ministry level or provincial level.

Archival Science Bulletin, under the administration and supervision of Ministry of Education, hosted by Renmin University of China and directly maintained by SIRM has already published over 180 issues. Based on its distinguished art of scholarship and applied guide to archival practice, Archival Science Bulletin wins favor of broader archivists and continuously listed at the first place in the scholarly periodicals of archives and the archives enterprises in A Guide to the Core Chinese Scholarly Periodicals and is listed in Chinese Social Science Catalogue Index [CSSCI].