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iSchool at RUC expands global collaboration in UK

Apr 04, 2018

The iConference 2018 was held at the University of Sheffield from March 25th to 28th and jointly organized by the University of Sheffield and Northumbria University. 466 participants registered in the conference. The sponsors included Microsoft, M&C, Emerald, College of Communication and Information in University of Kentucky, National Science Foundation of the United States, CILIP. The conference proceedings were published by Springer. The theme of the 2018 conference was "Changing the Digital World." The Dean of iSchool at Renmin University of China Professor Bin Zhang, Professor Jian Wang, Associate Professor Hui Yan attended the conference and extends global collaboration partnerships with higher education institutions in UK.
On the morning of March 25th, Prof. Bin Zhang and Dr. Hui Yan attended the workshop “iWords: Exploring the Interdisciplinary Vocabularies of Information Research” organized by the University of British Columbia’s iStories Laboratory. Information scientists in Germany, USA, Canada and other countries discuss the status quo, problems and normative measures of interdisciplinary discourse. On the morning of March 25, Prof. Jian Wang attended the iConference 2018 “Creating and Cultivating a Scholarly Identity within Digital Worlds” organized by Rutgers University.
On the afternoon of March 25th, Prof. Bin Zhang took part in the iSchools Asia-Pacific Chapter working meeting to participate in the handover ceremony of Chairman of iSchools Asia-Pacific Chapter and plans for the next stage of cooperation. On the afternoon of March 25th, Prof. Bin Zhang attended the iSchools open meeting.
On the afternoon of March 27th, Prof. Bin Zhang attended the iSchools annual business meeting.
From March 22nd to 28th, Professor Zhang Bin, Dean of the School of Information Resources Management of Renmin University of China, and his team took advantage of participating in iConference to visit many famous universities in Great Britain and sought for collaborative partnerships.
Professor Bin Zhang, Dean of the School of Information Resources Management, Assistant Dean Professor Jian Wang and Associate Professor Yan Hui met with Professor Raphael Woolf, Deputy Dean of External Relations, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, King's College London, and Dr Tobias Blanke, Dean of Digital Humanities Department, and discussed the possible collaborative partnership in research, teaching students exchange, etc. In Digital Humanities Center of University College London, they had an informal talk with the Director Mr. Simon Mahony. In the Department of Information Studies in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities University College London, they met with the Professor Elizabeth Shepherd, Mr. Geoffrey Yeo and Mr. Andy Dawson to build collaborative partnership.
On the morning of March 27th, Prof. Bin Zhang met with the Dean Professor Peter Bath and Dr. Angela Lin in Information School at the University of Sheffield to discuss cooperative issues. The two sides agreed on research cooperation, students exchange, teaching, etc.  
On the morning of March 28, Prof. Bin Zhang, Prof. Jian Wang and Prof. Hui Yan talked with Prof. Peter Bath, Prof. Paul Clough, Prof. Stephen Pinfield, Prof. Peter Willet, Dr. Pamela Abbott, Dr. Jonathan Foster, Frank Hopfgartner, Dr. Angela Lin, Dr. Ziqi Zhang in Information School in University of Sheffield. Dean Bin Zhang highlighted the main academic advantages of the iSchool at RUC. Prof. Jian Wang gave a detailed introduction to the iSchool and internationalization level. The two sides made preliminary oral agreement on the future cooperation in research.
Prof. Bin Zhang’s three-members-delegation participated in the iConference 2018 and visited the prestigious universities in the UK to establish collaborative partnerships with information higher education units in several universities, which laid a good foundation for the construction of world-class discipline in library, information and archives management.