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Memory of the World Knowledge Center -Beijing Launched at RUC

Mar 03, 2018

    On July 11th, 2017, the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Knowledge Center for UNESCO Memory of the World Project, which was organized by the China State Archives Administration and co-organized by the School of Information Resources Management at Renmin University, and the forum for "Memory of China and the World" was held in Shaw Conference Center of Renmin University of China. Mr. Minghua Li, Director of the State Archives Administration, Ms. Nuo Jin, Party Secretary of Renmin University of China, Mr. Shuiquan Zheng, Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. Xinjian Cui, Director of Beijing Social Sciences Planning Office, Mr. Lothar Jordan and Mr. Papa Momar Diop, Vice Chairman of the International Consultative Committee for UNESCO Memory of the World Project, five foreign experts, Mr. Fuqiang Zhu, special advisor to the Asia-Pacific Committee for Memory of the World Project, experts from the National Archives System and more than 70 faculty members, staff and students from Renmin University of China attended the ceremony and the forum.
    At the opening ceremony, Mr. Minghua Li, Ms. Nuo Jin, and Mr. Lothar Jordan addressed respectively to congratulate the Opening Ceremony of Memory of the World Project Knowledge Center - Beijing and the convening of the Forum on Memory of China and the World. The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Hongmin, the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the State Archives Administration.

Mr. Minghua Li delivered his congratulations
Ms. Nuo Jin Addressing
Mr. Lothar Jordan at the Opening Ceremony 
Ms. Hongmin Wang Chaired the Opening Ceremony 
    After the speeches, Mr. Minghua Li, Mr. Papa Momar Diop, and Professor Bin Zhang, the Dean of School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China, formally signed the memorandum of tripartite cooperation and unveiled Memory of the World Knowledge Center - Beijing. Memory of The World Knowledge Center - Beijing was officially launched.
    The Forum on Memory of China and the World was chaired by Mr. Fuqiang Zhu. In the first half of the Forum, Professor Huiling Feng, the Director of Beijing Humanities Research Center, first spoke on the topic of “Digital memory: Leaving history to the future”. Taking Beijing Memory and Gaoqian Memory as examples, she introduced the main frameworks and contents of digital memory and their importance in modern society. Ms. Dianne Macaskil, one of the International Advisory Committee members in the UNESCO Memory of the World Project, stated the impacts of the UNESCO World Memory Project in the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Zhongliang Hu, research archivist and the Deputy Director of China's First Historical Archives presented the talking on “Watching the history and inheriting civilization: The world's documentary heritage and the Ming and Qing archives”.
Mr. Fuqiang Zhu Chaired the Forum
Professor Huiling Feng
Ms. Dianne Macaskil
Mr. Zhongliang Hu
    During the noon break, participants gathered at the second conference room of Renmin University Shaw Conference Center to experience the non-material cultural exhibition in Beijing. Mr. Yudong Yang, Mr. Donghai Yang, Mr. Liping Yang, Ms. Yue Yang, and Mr. Zuo-chen Huang, the five non-material cultural heritage artisans in Beijing, demonstrated the unique features of Peking Opera with Peking Opera masonry, pebble painting, Beijing Zhayan kite, paper cutting and mortise and tenon techniques.
    In the afternoon, the forum was chaired by Zhang Bin, the Dean of the Information Resource Management, iSchool @ China Renmin University and the Director of Memory of the World Knowledge Center - Beijing.
 Professor Bin Zhang
     First of all, Mr. Papa Momar Diop presented the funding of the UNESCO World Memory Project in the social and cultural background of West African societies. He mainly introduced its contributions to the Section Heritage Works of the University Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis, Senegal.
Mr. Papa 
    Mr. Elyor Karimov from Uzbekistan delivered a speech on the Nineteenth-Century China in the Turkestan Colonial Archives, which are Collected from the TSGA. Ms. Junfan Ma, the Deputy Director of Fujian Archives Bureau, introduced the development of Qiaopi Culture with the theme of “Creating Overseas Cultural Brands and Promoting the Protection and Development of Archives and Documents of Qiaopi”. Subsequently, Mr. Jianmin Bu, the Deputy Director of Bureau of Archives of Suzhou City and Director of Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Archives Management Center, introduced the development status of Suzhou Silk Archives with the title of “Suzhou Silk Archives under the Background of Memory of the World Project”.

    Lastly, Ms. Jiaxuan Cheng, Ms. Ping Xia, Ms. Jingzhi Fan and Mr. Jian Jiang, who are the members of the Beijing Memory project team of the School of Information Resource Management at China Renmin University, presented “Light and Sound: Old Beijing in Digital Memory” to show their rebuilding work on Beijing memory.
Mr. Elyor Karimov 
Ms. Junfan Ma 
Mr. Jianmin Bu
Beijing Memory team
    The successful holding of this event marks the formal establishment of Memory of the World Knowledge Center – Beijing. It will have a significant impact on expanding the international influence of library, information and archives studies in the Renmin University of China and form the Chinese discourse in this field.