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Baokang Wu’s Academic Thoughts Symposium held in RUC

Mar 03, 2018

    On the morning of October 28, 2017, for commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mr. Baokang Wu's birth, Baokang Wu’s Academic Symposium was grandly held in the classroom of 800 people of Renmin University of China. It was co-sponsored by School of Information Resource Management in Renmin University of China, China Archives Association, "Archives Bulletin" magazine. The Symposium is also one of the important activities to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the School of Information Resources Management, the iSchool at Renmin University of China.
    The opening ceremony started with the premiere of "He is a mountain: Mr. Baokang Wu as the pioneer in archives education". The Documentary was directed by Mr. Jichang Song, the senior editor from the Shanghai television station, and one of the most famous documentary director. The documentary was awarded the third prize by China Television Artists Association during the "The Fifth Humanities China Season: Red Memory".
     Mr. Hua Fu, the deputy director of the State Archives Administration and the Central Archives, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of the SAA. He pointed out that Mr. Baokang Wu conscientiously and painstakingly worked hard to overcome numerous difficulties. After more than half a century of hard work, he successfully completed the arduous task entrusted to him by the party to create the archives higher education in new China. As a monument in the history of archives education and archives history in China, his loyalty to the party and the people, his persistence in his ideals and beliefs, his love for archives and education, as well as his rich theoretical achievements and profound academic ideas provided a model for inspiring us to forget the beginning of our mind and to tease forward.
    Professor Bin Zhang, the Dean of School of Information Resource Management in Renmin University of China stated in his speech that Wu's life is glorious and great. Under his leadership, the archives department has undergone a development from small to big and from weak to strong. Wu's writings are quite abundant. He created archives science and eternal archives theory. Coinciding with the 65th birthday of the school with great achievements in various fields, the symposium is the best consolation and memorial to Mr. Baokang Wu. We should inherit the outstanding qualities and fine traditions of the older generation of archivists represented by Mr. Wu, cherish the great dream, never forget the first thoughts, keep in mind the mission, live up to expectations, and forge ahead with determination. We should work harder to build the discipline of library, information and archives management with Chinese characteristics, and form the power of the Chinese world-class disciplines.
    Ms. Huiling Feng, a professor at Renmin University of China, conducted a speech. As one of the first archives masters trained by Mr. Baokang Wu, Professor Huiling Feng thinks Mr. Baokang Wu's progressive spirit is not old and his academic thinking is not old. This continuous study and the spirit of advancing with the times is worth learning. 
    Ms. Runfang Cao, a professor emeritus of Information Resource Management School in Renmin University of China, made a report titled "The Contribution of Mr. Baokang Wu to the founding and development of clerical science in new China." Professor Runfang Cao recalled the impact of Professor Baokang Wu on the creation and development of clerical science and urged archivists to inherit his legacy and further promote the construction of clerical science with Chinese characteristics.
    Ms. Danna Zhu, the deputy director of the Archives Bureau of Nanxun District in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, delivered a speech titled "The path and practice of local celebrity archives culture construction: The case of Mr. Baokang Wu’s archives". The speech takes Mr. Baokang Wu's hometown of Nanxun District as an example to illustrate that the local archives agencies adopting both static and dynamic methods in the process of building a local celebrity archival culture, taking into account both the collection and the excavation. 
    Professor Yongsheng Chen from School of Information Management at Sun Yat-sen University made a speech titled "The epoch characteristics of the academic contributions of Mr. Baokang Wu". Professor Chen recalled Wu's support and encouragement when he met him for the first time and his academic contribution. 
    Ms. Jing Yan, a doctoral student in the School of Information Resource Management in Renmin University of China, reported on "From the research object to the perspective: A study of the paths transformed by archivists by Baokang Wu's Research".

About Mr. Baokang Wu

    Mr. Baokang Wu was born in Nanxun of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province in 1917. In October 1952, he founded the archives education at Renmin University of China and started the lifelong pursuit of building modern Chinese archives and archival professional higher education.

    Mr. Wu ever served the archives class director, the director of archival specialization, the director of history archives department and the party secretary, and CPC committee member and member of the Standing Committee of RUC. He was ever elected to the vice-chairman of the 1st and 2nd China Archives Society, and the honorary chairman for 3rd and 4th China Archives Society.

    On the night of May 2nd, 2008, he passed away in Beijing at the age of 91.