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The 3rd Archival Social Media Roundtable as An Unprecedented Event

Mar 03, 2018


    On the afternoon of December 10, 2017, the third Archival Social Media Roundtable opened the curtain. Representatives from universities, archives offices, government departments, the judiciary, enterprises, and other institutions came together to focus on the theme of "Social media and document management: innovation and expansion".
    Professor Jian Wang from the School of Information Resources Management, Renmin University of China, Convener of National Archives Social Media Alliance and General Director of Archives Social Media Roundtable, announced the opening of the meeting. She argued that social media can activate ancient occupations, leads to innovative research, builds cultural confidence, aggregates cross-border elites, and strides international stage.
    Professor Huiling Feng pointed out in her opening speech that as a sub-conference of the Electronic Records Management Forum, the scale and influence of this roundtable exceeded expectations, especially the proceedings. Social media is getting hotter and hotter in the archival science field. The contribution of archivists to the social media of archives is mainly divided into two categories. One is the practice of the public platform on the WeChat and the other is to conduct theoretical research. Archival social media not only distributes archival information, but also spreads the stories in archives. The breadth and depth of the archives field's awareness of social media has risen considerably since the formation of the alliance.
    “Archival social media is a new thing, the one that cannot be stopped in halfway. Social media is more than a means of communication, in the sense that it is changing the field. We as forerunners have to create more new ideas, resulting in infinite possibilities.”
    More than twenty attendants presented their research findings and ideas on archival social media in the roundtable. The topics included functions and developing strategies of archival social media, evaluations of government social media, government WeChat accounts, evidence act rules of electronic records in government social media, social media electronic evidence trials, judicial validity review of WeChat, archives management strategy of government social media, social media information archiving and preservation, protection and developing strategy of cultural heritage by social media, social media records filing techniques and methods, Jinshan memory, growing of WeChat Public Platform “Springs and Autumns of Archives”, social media platform for archival department of State Grid Corporation, rankings of archival WeChat public platform, marketing strategies of archival social media.
    About Archival Social Media Alliance
    After the first social media roundtable in 2015, Professor Huiling Feng, the Director of the Electronic Records Management Research Center of Renmin University, proposed the concept of an initiative to found a social media alliance. After deliberation and solicitation of opinions, Professor Jian Wang from School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China, formed a motion to formally found the Archival Social Media Alliance at the 2nd Social Media Roundtable in 2016.