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Prof. Seamus Ross gave a lecturer on Digital Resilience and the Renewable Data Economy

Mar 03, 2017

    On November 2, 2015, Prof. Seamus Ross, Dean of the University of Toronto School of Information, was invited to visit the SIRM and gave a lecture on "Digital Resilience and the Renewable Data Economy". Pro. Zhang Bin, dean of SIRM, gave a warm welcome Prof. Seamus Ross and his lecture. More than 20 teachers and students attended the lecture and participate in the communication.

    Prof. Seamus Ross spoke highly of Chinese academic research for it became increasingly active in the international community and also expressed appreciation for RUC’s efforts on leading the InterPARES Trust Asian team.
In his lecture, Prof. Seamus Ross pointed out the challenges in the digital era and indicated some concepts, such as data management, digital recovery, digital preservation, risk management, cloud data and so on. In the meanwhile, He elaborated some international representative management models and management strategys with vivid cases. The lecture ended with a lively question and answer session.