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Prof. Li XIE was invited to attend the 28th Information Management Association International Conference

Mar 03, 2017

   The 28th International Business Information Management Association was held in Spain from 9 to 10 November 2016. The conference was organized by the International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA). IBIMA was established in the United States, which is an internationally renowned academic association for promoting the modern management and business methods of communication and development in long-term, and closely contacting with the corporate environment to build a link between academic research and practical practice of the bridge. Each year the IBIMA conference brings together academics and industry elites from around the world to discuss hot issues in academia and practice. This year, the conference focused on "Vision 2020: Innovation Management, Sustainable Development and Competitive Economic Growth", involving economic, management, finance, marketing, human resources and other aspects. The nine sub-topics of the meeting are as follows: economics, accounting and finance, marketing, management and governance, information system management (including management and technology), knowledge management, knowledge expression and ontology, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, human resources and international business, where information system management issues is closely related to the school of Information Resources Management, Renmin University of School.

    This year, Professor Li XIE and her doctoral student Guanyan FAN was invited by the 28th IBIMA meeting to present the paper " The Concept of Records Disposition and its Application to Information Systems: the case of the United States ", and to publish conference paper. This paper is the initial research result of Li XIE 's "Digital Document Management in Organizational Complex System". The paper constructs the conceptual framework with the concept of terminal and its implementation in the US federal government. The disposition of the document in the US federal statutes is compared with the disposition of information in the information system in this paper.

    In addition, entrusted by Mrs. Khalid S. Soliman, CEO of IBIMA and Chairman of the IBIMA Conference, Prof. Li XIE also served as Chairman of the "Education and e-learning" sub-venue. The sub-venue includes eight statements involving the application of information technology to universities and vocational education as well as user lifelong learning. After the meeting, Li XIE and Dr. Khalid S. Soliman exchanged and reached a mutual promotion of academic exchanges of the initial intention. Dr. Khalid S. Soliman expressed a high degree of concern and appreciation for China's current scientific research and enthusiastically invited more Chinese research teams to go to the IBIMA conference.

Conference URL See also:http://www.ibima.org/