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Dean of the SIRM,Prof. Bin ZHANG led delegations to attend The 18th ICA Congress

Mar 03, 2017

 The quadrennial International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress was held in Seoul, South Korea, from 5–10 September 2016. The theme of the Congress was Archives, Harmony and Friendship. The conference themes included: the changing nature of recordkeeping in the digital age; opportunities for cooperation within and outside the archival milieu; the uses and role of archives in the support of truth, justice and reconciliation; and opportunities for harmony and friendship in archival endeavours. 2049 archivists and researchers from 114 countries gathered to discuss topics about archives.

 Prof. Bin ZHANG, Dean of School of Information Resource Management at RUC, Prof. Huiling FENG, Professor Jian WANG, Prof. Yingwei WANG, Professor Xiaomi AN, Professor Xiaoyu HUANG, Associate Professor Yongjun XU, Associate Professor Ning ZHANG, distinguished researcher Li XIE, Dr. Linqing MA, director of the office of the electronic document research center Xuelian WANG, postdoctoral researcher Hui CHEN, doctoral student Xinong LI, Xiaoshuang JIA, Xiangnv WANG, Tianjiao QI and master candidate Zilin LI attended the congress. These delegations swept 2 theme sppech, 2 posters and 2 moderators and become a sparking point of this conference.

 During the congress in 2016, the Archives Board of Education (SAE) of the International Archives Council conducted a four-year general election. Three teachers in our ischool eligible for re-election, among them, Professor Jian WANG was elected again as the Vice Chairman of International Archives Council Archives Education and Training Office Steering Committee (2016-2020) , Professor Bin ZHANG and Associate Professor Ning ZHANG re-elect as the committee members.

 At the conclusion of the Congress, the President of the National Archives of Korea, Mr Sang-Jin Lee and the President of the International Council on Archives, Mr David Fricker, jointly signed and released "Archives, Harmony and Friendship: Sustaining the Spirit of Seoul".