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Prof. Yuenan LIU published a new book titled “Patterns of Centrailized Management of Digital Records and Archives in Lo

Mar 03, 2017

 In January 2017 , Professor Yuenan LIU’s new book “Patterns of Centrailized Management of Digital Records and Archives in Local Governments” was published by Renmin University of China Press officially. Actually, this book is one of the research achievements of her National Social Science Project.

 This book is mainly focused on “what kind of digital records and archives management work can be carried out across agencies in the local government level”, and it provides both theoretical analysis and practical cases. Prof. Huiling FENG speaks highly of this book in the preface: The author's deep understanding of the digital archives management and the related technology is impressive. This book is valuable and helpful for all kinds of readers interested in digital records and archives management, particularly for the local record managers or archivists. The specific management model will be updated or partly updated, but the methodological value and important points of view brought by the book will remain in history.