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Associate professor Chaolemen published a new book titled “Data Science”

Mar 03, 2017

 In August 2016, the first systematical monograph about the theory and practice of data scientific named “Data Science” was published by Tsinghua University Press. This book was written by Dr. Chaolemen Borjigin and it elaborates big data and some new theories, methods and technologies behind it, and it is considered to be one of the required readings in the era of big data.

 This book consists of eight parts (basic knowledge, data preprocessing, data statistics, machine learning, data visualization, data calculation, data management and R programming). It tries to cover the all the basic contents of data science and in the meanwhile avoid some needless duplication. It can both meets the teaching and self-learning needs of different readers that in fields of data science, computer science and technology, management, data statistics, data analysis, image files. Ever since it's publication, the book has received wide attention and was quickly on bestseller list of Dangdang and Amazon.