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Prof. Sam OH: The Power of iSchool and Data Science

Mar 03, 2018

 Prof. Sam OH visited the iSchool@Renmin University of China and presented a lecture on iSchool and Data Science in October 20th,2016. He is a professor of the College of information and data science at the Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) of Korea  ,the curator of Sung Kyun Kwan University library, visiting professor at University of Washington and the iSchool Caucus Chair-Elect.

Prof.Bin Zhang, Dean of School of Information Resource Mamnagement and iSchool@RUC , Professor Jian Wang and Associate professor Lemen Chao, Associate professor Ming Ren, Associate professor Menghui Yang and some undergraduate students, master's degree students, doctoral students attended the lecture. Prof. Bin Zhang introduced prof.Sam OH to the audiance.


The lecture is divided into three parts. First, the participants followed professor Sam going into the iSchools’ world, to understand the iSchools’ governance, membership ,annual iconference and so on.


Refers to data of science project, Sam professor Sam introduced the case studies of data science programs in the United States (University of California at Berkeley, University of Washington, Penn State University, Syracuse University, the Data science projects of Sungkyunkwan University and the data curation programs in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Michigan.

In addition, Professor Sam showed us the development of the Sungkyunkwan University which has a long history for 618 years, and welcome students to visit the Sungkyunkwan University. He also discussed the questions of International Journal of scientific data, documents and research evaluation with the present teachers and students.

After the lecture, Professor Sam communicated with the Dean, facuty and students about the cooperation between two Schools.

(By Ning Wang)