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Professor Huiling Feng presented a keynote speech on u-Paperless Korea Conference 2016 in South Korea

Jun 06, 2016

Professor Huiling Feng and Dr. Linqing Ma, the two faculty members from the School of Information Recourse Management, the iSchool at URC, and Dr Sixin Xue from the Electronic Records Testing Center traveled to South Korea to attend u-PaperlessKoreaConference2016 from May 30th to June 1st. They also visited the Korean National Records House, had in-depth discussion with Korea digital content Association and manufacturers of electronic records, and strengthened cooperation with South Korea in the field of electronic records management.

U-PaperlessKoreaConference2016 was held by the Korea Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), organized and hosted by the Korean Internet Safety Office and Digital Content Association. The conference was firstly held in 2008. This year's theme is "Beyond paperless", which is for the relevant departments and vendors. The keynote speeches of the conference were mainly about policies, systems and technologies as well as domestic and international experiences in the field of electronic records. In addition, there are two other venues concerning digital content policies and digital content technology solutions. The conference also held electronic records industry manufacturers exhibition, and dozens of manufacturers presented their electronic records management system, intelligent forms, electronic signatures and other related products.

Professor Huiling Feng was invited to make a keynote speech entitled "Chinese electronic records management portfolio strategy", which described the framework of the national strategy of China's electronic records, introduced how to promote electronic records management process on a national level from planning, institutional, regulatory, standards, theoretical research, technical research, practical exploration, and analyzed its main characteristics and the current status. The speech was widely praised and recognized by South Korean counterparts. They were very concerned about China's electronic records management system and strategy, willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

Dr Xue Sixin was invited to the conference and delivered a report entitled "Electronic records and test systems", which introduced technical and environmental features of electronic records, including its life cycle from data modeling, product development, system implementation, operation and maintenance, and continued construction and other stages. And he also shared the core technologies and key problems to be solved in every stage of electronic records, and practical and technical needs for China to carry out an electronic records system test. His presentation attracted Korean manufacturers of electronic contents, who recognized standard test was an effective way to improve product quality of electronic records. Some manufacturers hoped that the Electronic Records System Testing Center of Renmin University of China could test their related products.

Professor Huiling Feng visited the Seoul National Archives on May 30th. She was warmly welcomed by Mr. SangJin Lee, Prexy of the National Record House. Mr. Lee introduced the strategy of how the Korean National Archives promote electronic records management, as well as centralized management about electronic records. Professor Feng also looked through detailed skills such as conversion from analog to digital, repair paste mounted, digital processing, and archive records storage.

Professor Huiling Feng also had a discussion with the president of South Korea Digital Content Association on how to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and South Korea in the field of electronic records management and inter-industry in-depth discussions. The two sides expected to decide the framework of cooperation as soon as possible.

In addition, Professor Huiling Feng had a discussion with more than 10 digital content companies under arrangements of Korea Digital Content Association. They communicated deeply on current situations of electronic records management and technologies, and test methods in the RUC Electronic Records Testing Center. Professor Huiling Feng and her entourage also visited Korean digital content companies, and investigated FORCS's smart products, and the EDRMS INZENT company's products.

Thanks to the trip, Professor Huiling Feng’s team deepened their understanding of the Korean electronic records management strategies and industrial development. And it also promoted the communication of electronic records management between China and South Korea, and built a good foundation for further cooperation in the field of electronic records management .