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The forth report of American intern trip

Aug 08, 2016


The following passages are diaries from Yunxin MA, one of the intern team members.

·Beginning with delicious dessert

At the time of our arrival, the CEO waited for us at the door, welcomed us warmly and friendly for the upcoming tour. After entering the conference room, John took out exquisite dessert to treat us, saying with a smile, "American obesity originates from meetings with dessert", and his humor started the meeting with a cheerful atmosphere. Three executives introduced the company to us on strategic and tactical levels.

·The theme: Introduction + communication + visiting

1. The CEO introduced the overall situation of the company.

A speech full of expectations began with attractive slides on the screen, company profile and roller pen prepared for everyone on the table. John first introduced their business domains and business philosophy. One North Interactive is a digital advertising company, and the main business is to provide superior digital advertising services to maintain customers’ relationships, their most important assets. He demonstrated the relationship with an inverted triangle with the top as market, which is a company ‘s most extensive sales, and the low end as loyal consumers who will stay over time. One North Interactive focuses on providing great digital experiences through digital advertising, and tries hard to control the inverted triangle from top down, and help companies to maintain their consumer relationship, strengthen consumer loyalty. At present,  One North Interactive has been working with hundreds of companies to produce a connected business strategy and marketing activities of intelligent digital advertising. Additionally, John highlighted their business philosophy is to provide all-round digital solutions through brand planning, digital strategy, creative services and technical support, and to support their customers to strengthen relations with their patrons.



2. Senior Account Manager Ryan and technical director Joy introduced their business domains and related technologies.

After John’s humorous, detailed and vivid explanation, Joy, the Senior Customer Manager, introduced the business domains in detail to us. The starting point of digital advertising is to understand customers’ markets, consumers, brand and their main business, and then design a compelling digital experience, by which the audience possibly become their long-term customers. Joy employed two websites SHB.com and jonesdaycareers.com to demonstrate the changes before and after the creative work of One North interactive, which are increasing multimedia and interactivity. It is proved that the designs were significantly helpful for the companies to attract customers and maintain the relationships.





Ryan, the Technical director, presented the technologies imported in the process of digital advertising design, such as Sitecore, the customer experience management software; Microsoft. Net framework which aims at agile software development, rapid application development, independent platform and transparent network. All of these techniques are for one single purpose, that is, each line of code is committed to stimulate a more lasting relationship between customers and their Patrons.

3. On-site visiting in the company

After the in-door meeting, John invited us to visit the company on-site. The departments have no clear boundaries, and there is no isolated working space for each employee, reflecting their company culture of cooperation. Every employee's birthday date is presented on wall, and also their pet pictures, which create warm and comfortable working environments. In addition, we were impressed by a special machine named “Double”. It plays the role of eyes so that the employees traveling outside could be situated in company's internal scenes, like in a video conference.





·Extension: Touching the American business culture

The on-site visit not only helps us understand the business operations of a digital advertising company, but also allows us to experience the American business culture. American were accustomed to preparing desserts and other food for meetings, creating comfortable atmosphere. American businessmen like to present themselves in ways of informal, easy-going and sense of humor.  Digital advertisements should be attractive and amazing in the Internet and big data era.