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SFU Digitization Project Seminar Held in SIRM

Jul 07, 2012

  A seminar mainly discussing the digitization projects of Simon Fraser University (SFU) Library in Canada was held in SIRM on June 15th from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Mr. Song Yiliang, Manager of the Digitization Centre in SFU Library, gave plenty of information on the main digitization projects he and his colleagues are working on at SFU. Prof. Sherry Xie from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at the University of British Columbia, was also invited to the discussion. Prof. Zhang Bin, deputy dean of SIRM, and other faculty members and interested students attended the seminar. 

  Mr. Song is very experienced in the area of digitization, and has participated in many digitization projects. In this seminar, he first gave a brief introduction of Canada's diverse cultural background and the situation of its digitization work in the past few years. Next, he talked about the Digitization Centre of SFU Library, listing some of its equipment, software and digitization projects. Finally, he focused on discussing one of the SFU's most important projects, Multicultural Canada. Mr. Song gave plenty of valuable information on establishing the project, funding, finding partners, digitizing materials, choosing software and hardware, managing staff members and many other aspects of the project. Before ending the seminar, he answered some questions from faculty members and students.

  The seminar ended with Prof. Zhang Bin presenting gifts to the two guests, Mr. Song and Ms. Xie. This meaningful discussion will surely deepen the understanding of digitization and inspire more creative ideas for both SIRM and SFU.