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RUC President Wei LIU Visited SIRM

May 05, 2016

On the morning of May 24th, Wei LIU, President of Renmin University of China, visited iSchool at RUC to inspect and instruct work, accompanied by Shuiquan Zhen, President Assistant and Director of University Office. The president visited the exhibition of school history, labs and faculty office. Then a research meeting was held in Room 209. Bin ZHANG, Dean of SIRM, Dan WANG, Secretary of the School Party Committee and Associate Dean, Xiaobin LU, Associate Dean, Yongjun XU, Vice Secretary, Li NIU, Dean Assistant, Qing MA and Yunhui CAO, Office Director, also attended the meeting.

 School Dean Bin ZHANG reported the development of SIRM in detail. He made an analysis on development of disciplines, students and school characteristics, including both achievements and remaining problems. Then he made a general report on the future. His speech included the efforts SIRM made to insist on characteristic development, to set up research centers to improve research capability, to support significant research teams and to develop branded training programs, furthermore to promote the development of all disciplines and international level. Reports on supplements of faculty, strategy of characteristic development, adjustment on the structure of talents education, lives of young faculty and staff are presented respectively by Dan WANG, Xiaobin LU, Yongjun XU, Li NIU, Qing MA.

President Wei LIU seriously listened to the work reports. He pointed out that School of Information Resource Management has a good educational foundation and distinctive professional features, cultivating a large number of professional talents for the Party and country, embodying the good social service function. It needs to maintain the traditional advantages and strengthen international development. Wei LIU highly appreciated work and construction of the school, pointing out that SIRM needs to combine with its characteristics and the history, constantly promote the general discipline construction and strengthen the faculty. In order to improve the quality of talent training, the university will continue to provide more support and help, hoping SIRM could make full use of discipline advantages, and step onto a new step.