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Faculty and graduate students attended InterPARES Trust International Cooperation Meeting

Feb 02, 2016

  InterPARES Trust (2013-2018), a multinational, multi-disciplinary cooperation in international cooperation projects, is the fourth phase of the famous international cooperation project "electronic file system to protect the authenticity of a permanent international collaborative research" (The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems, InterPARES ), which focuses on digital files’ credibility in an increasingly networked environment. The project holds plenary session every February to exchange, share, and explore.

    February 15th to 17th, 2016, the plenary sessions of the international team of InterPARES Trust and their leaders was held in Vancouver, Canada, and the person in charge and part of the study staff, student assistants from Canada, the United States, China, Britain, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and other countries attended the meeting and had a lively discussion. The leader of InterPARES Trust Project, Dr. Luciana Duranti, professor at University of British Columbia, Canada, presented interim report at the meeting. The participating institutions that cooperate in the project covers 35 countries on six continents, including 77 registered partner institutions, 99 registered and alliance partners, 48 universities, 18 government departments, 21 archives / library / information agencies, 6 organizations, 97 researchers, 108 co-investigators, 32 consultants , 105 student research assistants, and 90 research projects.

    Professor Wang Jian and Xie Li of School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China as the Asian team co-director, Professor Liu Yuenan as fellow delegates, PhD student Jia Xiaoshuang as a research assistant representatives reported the constitution and the management team in Asia, 8 progress of the project, and the focus of the next step at the meeting, and drew a new project (Tianjin archive’s "archives preserve electronic data and case studies strategy"). Same as other reports, it stimulated discussion of present scholars, and submit proposals and willingness to cooperate in the future.

    During the meeting, the Round Table Meeting of all leaders is also held to summarize and reflect on the medium-term work and discuss the results of the project and future forms of cooperation. The meeting decided that the focus of the latter part of the project will move to the team analysis about research, summaries and integration, and would there’s no longer new research program.

    During every meeting, there’s confrontation and discussion among many well-known experts and scholars, thanks to the sharing and exchange of research results of each team, and they enjoyed a variety of cutting-edge theory and practice of Truth and Enlightenment blend. Perhaps this is not only the purpose of InterPARES Trust, but also its amazement and contribution!