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LOGO Design Contest for SIRM 60 Years Anniversary

Mar 03, 2012

To celebrate the SIRM 60 Years Anniversary, SIRM will held the LOGO design contest. The whole faculty and students are welcome to join in.
March 9 to March 29      
All the faculty members, students, and  retired teachers of SIRM
1. The logo should be simple, fashionable, special, and creative;
2. The logo should reflect the 60 years development of SIRM;
3. The logo should reflect the spirit of SIRM;
4. The logo should be original;
5. The logo should graphically-based;
6. The description of the logo is allowed to be attached to the works;
7. The logo text can be electronic document or hand-painted paper document;
8. The logo should be easy to identify and spread.
1. 1 first prize
2. 2 second prize
3. 3 third prize
4. the first 20% will be finalist (except the winners of first, second, and third prize)
Students’ Union