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2009 China Knowledge Management Forum

Dec 12, 2009

School of Information Recourses Management (SIRM), Renmin University
Knowledge Management Center
China Knowledge Management Lab

Time   :   13:30-17:00, 25th December, 2009
Location:   Meeting Room301, School Building
Forum Agenda:
12:30-13:30   Sign in
13:30-13:35   Host Addresses
13:35-13:45   Announce the 2009 “China Knowledge Management Personage”
13:45-14:15   Speech: Step Out the Erroneous Zone of Knowledge Management
                      Speaker: Zhang Bin, assistant dean of SIRM
14:15-14:45   Speech: The Construction of Knowledge Base in Knowledge Management
               Speaker: Cai Yingfang, Chief of Aviation Industry Archives
14:45-15:00   Tea Break
15:00-15:30   Speech: The Development Trend of China Knowledge Management
                      Speaker: Tian Zhigang, founder of Knowledge Management Center
15:30-16:00   Speech: Knowledge Management—Power of Wish Fulfillment
                      Speaker: Han Jianxin, manager of northwest&southwest China, Zhuhai Zhongfu
16:00-16:50   Topic Discussion: Knowledge Management Implementation and Future
16:50-17:00   Summary & Closing Address