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Announcement of Registration of “Flame Cup” Academic Essay Contest

Dec 12, 2009

“Flame Cup” Academic Essay Contest hosted by School of Information Recourses Management now starts to sign up.

Registration Time: 2009.12.14—2009.12.31
How to contact us:
1. Send your application to the collection box in front of room 304 in the school building.
2. e-mail your e-application to gaohuanyxh@live.cn (Gao Huan) or zqymr@live.cn (Zhao Qiongying)
3. send your information to telephone number: 15120071367 (Gao Huan) or 15120071327 (Zhao Qionying) as SMS. 

All the prize-winning works will be qualified to enter the “Flame Cup” Essay Contest of University. Please send your information in time.