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Academic Report on the Open Topic of the Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

Nov 11, 2009

Title: Integration Management of Business, Records, and Knowledge (IMS of BRK)

Speaker:Professor An Xiaomi

Time:2009-11-16   Monday pm  2 :30  -  4 :00

Location:Conference Hall, 4th floor of Information Building, RUC

Abstract:This lecture asks and answers four questions: Why integrated management of business, records and knowledge (IMS of BRK) are necessary and important? What are the integration methodolgies from the international best practice? How to develop integration solutions to their implementation? To whom and to where IMS for BRK are significant? Findings are from four research projects done. The paper proposes a triangle IMS methodology for collaboration, optimization, and innovation of business continunity management system (BCMS), records management system (RMS) and knowledge management system (KMS) to sustainable competitive advantages over traditional isolated systems. It provides a set of integration solutions for mapping, building and operalising an ecosystem, based on integration framework and model designed. Case studies show efficiency building significances of IMS for BRK and their implications to the new strategy, national strategy and global strategy for dynamic accumulation, sharing and exchange of evidence, memory and knowledge in digital world and global competition.

Resume of Speaker:
Xiaomi An, Ph.D. (University of Liverpool, UK), is professor of Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (Ministry of Education) and the School of Information Resources Management at Renmin University of China.

She is expert of Archives/ Records Management Subcommittee of the Information and Documentation Committee of International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC46/SC11, 2005 to present) and project leader of ISO/TC46/SC11 WG8 (Management systems for records: Fundamentals and vocabulary, 2007 to present). She is supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University ( Ministry of Education, 2008). She has chaired 18 research projects, published 143 academic papers, as editor-in-chief or author of 13 books, given 13 invited English speeches at international conferences, received 16 academic meirt of certificates. Her research interest covers integration issues of records management, knowledge management and information resource management.