International Organizations

The Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)

In 2005, SIRM joined IRMA and became Corporate Membership of IRMA. Professor Zhao Guojun and Professor Wang Jian are commissaries of Project Management Committee of IRMA. In May, 2005, Professor Feng Huiling, Zhao Guojun and Wang Jian's paper "Eliminate Disproportion—— Situation analysis and Strategy Reach on Chinese Government's Information Resource Distribution" was collected in?005 Information Resources Management Association International Conference Proceeding Professor Zhao Guojun and Professor Wang Jian made presentations in the conference.

IRMA is an international professional organization dedicated to furthering the professionalism of its members. IRMA brings together researchers, practitioners, academicians, and policy makers in information technology management. The diverse membership consists of professionals from over 50 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, and China.

The primary objective of IRMA is to assist organizations and professionals in enhancing the overall knowledge and understanding of effective information resources management in the 1990s and beyond.

The specific aims of IRMA could be summarized as follows:

  • To promote and encourage the association among individuals with an interest in the field of management of information resources.
  • To provide resources, assistance, encouragement, and incentives to individuals either engaged in or planning to become engaged in, the field of information resources management in order to enhance professional's knowledge or IRM issue, and trends.
  • To promote and publish professional and scholarly journals, periodicals, bulletins, and other forms of publications in the field of information resources management.
  • To plan, organize, promote, and present seminars, conventions, and other educational opportunities for association members and other individuals or organizations interested in information resources management.
  • To provide professional and educational services to IT management personnel for a low membership fee.

These objectives are accomplished through the association's publications: Information Resources Management Journal, Journal of End User Computing, Journal of Global Information Management, Journal of Database Management, Annals of Cases on Information Technology, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, Journal of Distance Education Technologies and International Journal of IT Standards and Standardization, Information Management, annual conference proceedings and IRM Press books.

IRMA Memberships include Individual, Library, Corporate and Student Memberships.

IRMA Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • Corporate members receive any four IRMA official journals and Information Management (Value $555)
  • The organization may recommend a representative for the IRMA Executive Council, which meets every year at the IRMA International Conference
  • Company's name will be printed on IRMA publications as a corporate member
  • 15% discount for IRMA International Conference
  • Free access to the IRMA mailing list (value approximately $500)
  • 30% discount on books, seminars, forums, conventions, and other training programs offered by IRMA
  • Company may advertise its employment opportunities in IRMA's Information Management free of charge (as space permits)

The International Council on Archives (ICA)

In 1980, Archives College (AC) in Renmin University of China (former name of SIRM) joined ICA and became Category C member.SIRM is playing a more and more important role in ICA.

ICA is a decentralized organization governed by a General Assembly and administered by an Executive Board. Its branches provide archivists with a regional forum in all parts of the world; its sections bring together archivists and archival institutions interested in particular areas of professional interest; its committees and working groups are engaging the contribution of experts to the solution of specific problems. The ICA Secretariat serves the administrative needs of the organization and maintains relations between members and cooperation with related bodies and other international organizations.

ICA has some 1700 members in more than 180 countries and territories, making it truly international.

It is a non-governmental organization, which means that it maintains an independence from the political process and that its members include public and private archive institutions and individuals.

ICA works closely with inter-governmental organizations such as UNESCO and ICCROM. It also has strong links with other non-governmental organizations.

In 1992, Professor LI Hongjian, teacher XIE Ming represented AC attended the 12th International Congress on Archives for the first time.

In 1996, the 13th International Congress on Archives was held in Beijing. This was the first International Congress on Archives held in China, and also the first International Congress on Archives held in developing Country. Professor Feng Huiling was the first Chinese member of Section for Archival Education and Training(ICA/SAE)and she represented China to make presentation on "Evaluate Archival Works"

In 1996, AC and ICA/SAE held the 8th International Symposium on Archival Education and Training. The ICA/SAE addresses its sincerest thanks to the Archives College of Renmin University of China for its contribution to the success of the Eighth International Symposium on Archival Education. The ICA/SAE also expresses its warmest thanks to Professor Cao Xichen, Principal, Archives College; Professor Han Yumei; Professor Feng Huiling, Dean, Archives Department, Archives College; and Associate Professors Gong Xiaodong, An Xiaomi, and Ding Zhimin for the perfect organization and efficient running of the Symposium. For the fine exhibition describing the Archives College of Renmin University of China, which is the largest program for education in archival enterprise in the world, the ICA/SAE extends a special appreciation to all who participated in developing and mounting the exhibit, especially to Lecturer Wang Jian, Associate Professor Zheng Xiaohua, and Lecturer Huang Gui Su. Members of the ICA/SAE wish especially to extend their deep appreciation to the students of the Archives College of Renmin University of China for the warm hospitality they have shown, and we look forward to welcoming them in the coming years into the ranks of practicing archivists and archival educators.

In 2000, Professor Feng Huiling and Associate Professor An Xiaomi took part in the 14th International Congress on Archives.An Xiaomi gave a presentation on ?The Appraisal of Architectural Archives in China: A Critique at the ICA/SAR workshop.During the conference, Feng Huiling and Wang Jian were elected members of ICA/SAE, and undertook research projects committed by ICA/SAE "Directory of Archival Education & Training Institutions".

AC teachers joined 8 committees of ICA as following:

  • Gong Xiaodong, ICA/ CLM, Correspondence Member;
  • Zhangbin, ICA/ CST, Correspondence Member;
  • Wang Jian, ICA/ CPT, Correspondence Member;
  • Zhang Meifang, ICA/ CPTE, Correspondence Member;
  • Yu Lijuan, ICA/ CER, Correspondence Member;
  • Liu Yuenan, ICA/ CDS, Correspondence Member;
  • Qian Yi, ICA/ CIT, Correspondence Member;
  • Professor Feng Huiling was invited to join the newsroom of international academic publication "Archival Science"
  • An Xiaomi was an individual member of ICA/SAR.

In April, 2004, APCAE was held in Renmin University of China(RUC) in Beijing.

In August, 2004, Professors Hu Hongjie and Wang Jian, Vice Professor An Xiaomi and doctorate student Zhang Ning attended the 15th International Congress on Archives in Vienna, Austria. In the congress, the achivement "Directory of Archival Education & Training Institutions(2000-2004)" the key project of ICA/SAE undertook by AC professors Feng Huiling and Wang Jian as the representative of China was submitted and showed in the congress and gained the consistent praise. Professor Wang Jian was successively elected committee member (2004-2008)of ICA/SAE. In the congress, she presented the achievements of the international project and seminar assumed by China and made presentations on "Look at the International Cooperation on Archival Education from Directory of Archival Education & Training Institutions" Achievement Summary of 2004 Asia and Pacific Conference on Archival Education? Professor Hu Hongjie made presentation on“Basic Status and Functional Analyses of China Archives Journals”in topic conference "The Power of Knowledge and Memory"

In 2005, Associate Professor Huang Xiaoyu became member of edit commission of ICA publication "comma".

Associate professor An Xiaomi and Professor Zhou Xiaoying became individual member of Architecture Record Section.