Communication with HK, TW & MC


From 28th June to 3rd July, Ji Hongbo, the party secretary of school, along with the seventh educational administration management (student works hillock) exchange group of RUC, went to Taiwan.

On 26 October, invited by the Library Advisory and Archives Research Institute of Taiwan National Chengchi University, seven faculties from SIRM of RUC visited Taiwan with the delegation formed by the Archives Affiliate of China Higher Education Society.

From 25-27 July, Professor Wang Jian and Associate Professor Zhang Meifang took part in "2009 Cross-Straits File and Micrographic Academic Meeting" and gave the speech seperately.

From February to June, Yang Meng, 2006 grade student, majored in Information Management and Information System, and Li Wen, majored in  Archival Science visited FuJen Catholic University in Taiwan.


From November 10th to16th, Professor Lu Xiaobin, the Vice-President of SIRM, went to  the Library Advisory and Archives Research Institute of Taiwan National Chengchi, the Library and Information Science Department of FuJenCatholicUniversity and the Department of Information and Communications of Shih Hsih University for visiting and investigation.

From November 26th to December 9, Professor Wang Jian visited the History Archives of Macao history archives on invitation.

On December 3rd, Marie Imelda Macleod, the Manager of History Archives of Macao, paid a return visit to SIRM.

In September, Tian Tian, 2006 grade student, majored in Information Management and Information System went to Feng Chia University in Taiwan as exchange student. 


Zhang Weizhi, undergraduate, through bilateral student exchange agreement with City University of Hong Kong, studying in Hong Kong.


Student Zhang Weizhi visited the City University of Hong Kong as an exchange student.


Professor Zhao Guojun, professor Liu Gengsheng and Wang Dan went to History Research Institute, School of Humility & sociology in Taiwan Foguang University and made presentations,visited Taiwan Archives, Information Consultation Management Department of Danjiang University and communicated with the scholars on History Science, Archival Science and Document Information.

Professor Feng Huiling, Vice-President of RUC, Dean of SIRM attended “SARS and Public Crisis Management Seminar”in Hong Kong. The Seminar was held by Hong Kong University and RUC.

From October 24th to November 4th, invited by History Institue of Fo Guang University inTaiwan, Zhao Guojun, Liu Gengsheng, Wang Dan, faculties from School of Archives went toTaiwan to participate in "The First Cross-Straits Academic Seminar of Qing History".


Professor Guo Lizhu went to Library consultation Research Institute of Political University in Taiwan and taught graduates there. She had been teaching course“Archives Preservation Technology”wholly for half a year there. That was the first time for Taiwan to have such course. Professor Guo also made presentation on“Archival Education in Mainland of China? which was highly praised and all the books she brought there were very popular.


Professor Feng Huiling, Vice-president of RUC, led a group to visit Taiwan. Xie Lingyi, graduate of SIRM, went together as the representative of students.


Professor Xue Ligui and other 15 people from Library consultation Research Institute of Political University in Taiwan (which is the first and the only place Awards Archival Master’s Degree) visited AC and talked with the professors of AC and then exchanged books.


Ms Liu Yimei, Archivist of Macao Archives visited and talked about inviting AC to train archivists of Macao.


Professor Liu Gengsheng was engaged as visiting professor by History Department of Taiwan Political University. He had been teaching course“Archives and History”wholly for half a year there.