Co-operation and Exchange

SIRM is actively engaging in co-operation and exchange with information resource management professionals abroad. It is the first member institution of the International Information Resource Management Association (IRMA) in China mainland. It is the C institutional member of International Council on Archives (ICA) on the board of the Steering Committee of Section for Archival Education and Training (ICA/SAE), and has undertaken several global educational co-operation projects of ICA. At the same time it has actively participated in relevant international standards making, InterPARES3 projects and many important international co-operation projects. SIRM has signed co-operation agreements with institutions of higher learning and other archival institutions in more than ten countries and regions to carry out visits, lectures, teacher-student exchange programs. It has successfully held a number of great impact international symposiums. SIRM will work to have more extensive and more in-depth exchange of international cooperation in the future.