Degree Programs of Bachelors

Archival Science

It trains specialized personnel who are prepared for engaging in archives management, archives administration, exploration and use of archival resources, teaching and research in archival studies, office management, planning, maintaining, and technological development of information systems.

Graduates specialized in Archival Studies may be employed in a variety of settings, including general offices, secretarial departments, personnel administrative departments, and archives administrative departments of various types of agencies, organizations, enterprises and institutions; national archival administrations at all levels; various types of archives; high learning education and research institutions of archives management.

Main courses:

Fundamentals of Information Management, Information Organization, Information Recording Technology, Information Policy and Regulation, Fundamentals of Computer, Computer Network, Database Systems, Office Automation, Program Design Language, Design of Document Automation System, Introduction to Archival Studies, Documents Writing and Processing, Archives Management, Electronic Records Management, Knowledge Management, Archival Documents Editing and Publication, Identification and Evaluation Of Archival Documents, Preservation Technology of Documents, History of Chinese Archives Enterprise, Chinese Ancient Literature, Documents of Qing Dynasties, History of Ming and Qing Dynasties and Their Archives, Local Chronicles, History of Chinese Political Systems, Research Methods in Social Science, etc.

Information Management and Information System

It trains managerial personnel who are prepared for engaging in government offices, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, and research institutions dealing with information management, design and maintenance of information systems, management of networked systems.

Graduates specialized in Information Management and Information Systems find employment in a wide variety of settings, including information centers and network administrative centers of various types of agencies, organizations enterprises and institutions; computer and network enterprises and software enterprises; various types of information resources development and consulting services; high learning education and research institutions, etc.

Main courses:

Principles of Management, Foundations of Information Management, Information Recording Technology, Information Policy and Regulations, Principles of Consulting and the Applications, Principles of Computer, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, Assemble Language, Foundations of Computer Networks, Database Systems, Programming Language, Operating Systems, Construction and Operation of Government Website, Computer Graphics Technologies, Plan and Design of Government Information System, Electronic Government, Electronic Business, Electronic Records Management, Security Management of Government Information, Chinese Government and Administration, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Administration of Government Department, Government Information Processing, Document Processing and Management, Organizational Behavior, Chinese Political Systems, Foreign Political Systems,etc.