Undergraduate Courses

Information Management and Information System

Principles of Management Foundations of Information Management
Information Recording Technology Information Policy and Regulations
Information Economics Principles of Computer
Discrete Mathematics Data Structure
Assemble Language Foundations of Computer Networks
Database Systems Programming Language
Operating systems Computer Graphics Technologies
Electronic Government Electronic Commerce
Electronic Records Management Chinese Government and Administration
Total Quality Management Project Management
Government Information Processing Administration of Government Department
Organizational Behavior Document Processing and Management
Chinese Political Systems Foreign Political Systems
Construction and Operation of Government Website
Design of Electronic Government Information Systems
Security Management of Government Information

Archival Science

Introduction to Modern Management Foundations of Information Management
Organization of Information Technology of Information Recording
Information Policy and Regulations Computer Networks
Fundamental Knowledge of Computer Historical Documents
History of Chinese Political Systems Chinese Ancient Literature
Database Systems Programming Design Language
Specialized English Introduction to Archival Science
Archives Management Records Management System
Knowledge Management Archives Preservation Technology
Electronic Records Management Security Management of Information
Application Technology of Multi-media Management Communication
Construction Of Archival Website Foundations of Digital Archives
Introduction to Secretary Work Survey Research Methods
Operating Systems Organizational Behavior
Local Chronicles History of Foreign Archival Enterprise
Specialist Archives Management Web-page Design
History of Chinese Archival Enterprise Study of Yearbooks
Records Management  
Principles and Method s of Information Retrieval
History and Documentation of Ming and Qing Dynasties
Identification and Evaluation of Archival Documents
Principles and Methods of Public Relationship
Compilation and Publication of Archival Documents