School of Information Resource Management (SIRM) at Renmin University of China (RUC) is a specialist institution for teaching and research activities in the field of information resource management, it is one of important bases for educating and training professionals of information management, information systems, knowledge management, library studies, information studies and archival studies in China.

SIRM has two departments in terms of archival studies and government information management. It has a general office for the school, 5 teaching and research sections, a laboratory center, a reference room, a post-doctorate station, a test-bed archives as its subordinates. It has built a Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Key Laboratory partnership with School of Information authenticated by Ministry of Education. The E-government Research Center of Renmin University and Archival Studies Bulletin editing board are also under its administration.

SIRM has a comprehensive higher educational system on information resource management, which includes the first level discipline of doctor degree programs in library studies, information studies and archival studies, and all the secondary level disciplines, among which archival studies is the national key discipline, information studies is the key discipline of Beijing city. At undergraduate education level, it has two specialization in terms of archival studies, information management and information systems (government information management specialization); it has five specialization at postgraduate education level  in terms of archival studies , information studies, library studies, information resources management, and Chinese and foreign political systems; it has 4 specialization at doctorate education level in terms of archival studies, information studies, library studies and information resource management. SIRM has over 400 students on campus, including undergraduates, postgraduates, doctorates and over sea students. It has over 40 full-time faculty members, among which over 30 are teachers and around 10 are teaching and administrative staffs or assistants. Besides, SIRM has over 10 guest professors or adjunct professors .

SIRM has inherited the educational ideas of ‘complementary benefits from both humanities and social science and natural science, developing ways of thinking to be intellectuals, enhancing code of ethics and professional development, focus on both pragmatics and innovation’ from its history. The SIRM is trying hard to take endless efforts with scientific attitude and innovation spirit to make full use of University multidisciplinary interactive platforms to keep its top national leading roles in archival studies. It is actively developing relevant disciplines and constantly improving the teaching and research level of information resource management and relevant disciplines as a whole in its particular ways, it is expected to make greater contributions to the development of Renmin University into ‘one of the world’s leading universities specializing in the fields of humanities and social sciences’.